World Water Day

Today is officially World Water Day. Of course everyday we depend on clean water  for our very survival, so it seems to me that being impeccable stewards of our freshwater supply would be at the top of our list of priorities. Unfortunately, this is not always  the case. Today the world’s freshwater ecosystems and the species they support are degraded and endangered to a greater extent than any other ecosystem type.   Nearly 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water.  Clearly water is a central issue. The Nature Conservancy has a very interesting article on their blog on the role that water has played in catalyzing environmental progress.  It is very important that we understand where our water comes from, how we can keep it safe and clean, and use it wisely.

Things we can do:

Learn about our local watershed.

Volunteer on a creeks clean-up day.

Retrofit your home to be more water efficient.

Try to steer clear of chemicals and pesticides and be careful what you put down your drain

Put into practice as many of these everyday water saving tips as possible.

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