How to Green your Easter Basket

Day-glo plastic grass and candy laden with artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup? No Way!   Here are a few ideas to keep you Easter gorgeously green…

  • Skip the Plastic.      Natural baskets are beautiful, and can be used for storage during the rest of the year.  Thrift stores are a great place to find them.  Decorate them with flowers and re-usable fabric ribbon. Line the basket with straw, wheat grass, shredded paper, or a pretty napkin.  You can also get creative and create your own “basket”   decorate old  boxes, or make this one out of paper.
  • Use  local, organic free range eggs  and dye them naturally.  Onion Skins, Beets, coffee and turmeric can all be used to create beautiful festive eggs. Here is a great tutorial. 
  • Conscious Candy   Want that classic chocolate bunny?  Make it organic and free trade.  A huge percentage of the chocolate on the market in every price range comes from cacao that is produced using child slave labor.  Make sure the chocolate you buy comes from a company that does not support these practices. It might be a little more expensive but just eat a little less.  Everyone will be healthier and happier. Check out these local Santa Barbara chocolatiers, Chocolate Maya and Chocolats du CaliBressan, or this online store which has a great selection of organic and free trade candy.
  • Green Gifts   Add a few little gifts that keep on giving after the sweets have been enjoyed.    Packets of flower seeds or  veggie starts in eggshell planters, are a lot of fun for kids to plant and watch grow, and they look really pretty in the basket. 

How do you make your green Easter baskets special?  We would love to hear!