Investment Company Sees the Gold in Going Green

Angel Franco/ The New York Times

According to a recent story in The New York Times, Jamestown Properties, a commercial real estate investment company based in Germany and Atlanta, is going green on all of  nearly 4 billion dollars worth of U.S. properties.  They will be spending 3 to 10 million dollars on these  green retrofits. Managing director and chief operations officer,  Matt M Bonfman says the executives at Jamestown believe that real estate will be increasingly valued for sustainability and environmental impact. Sustainability “will become a key factor to the point where, if you haven’t taken environmental measures, you will have trouble, whether it’s leasing your office building or what have you.” The company expects their investment will be repaid through energy savings, higher resale values, and the ability to charge higher rents. Just another indicator  that a green home or office retrofit  is not only good for the world, but might also be good for your pocketbook!