More Photos from the Solar Decathlon….

Virginia Tech's Lumenhaus

Sliding metal shades

Light was the central theme of the Lumenhaus designed by the team from Virginia Tech.  It uses a pavilion design featuring sliding glass walls on the north and south. The PV system includes “double hit” PV panels which generate 30% more electricity than the standard approach.

University of Wisconsin Home

This solar home used what they called a Butterfly Roof to channel water to a reflecting pool which irrigated plants on the deck.

University of Illinois Gable Home

The Gable Home uses 90% less energy than typical construction, and produces up to four times its energy needs.  The team “set out to prove that there was no schism between new technologies and traditional ways of building houses”

University of Minnesota Home

The team from University of Minnesota also wanted to appeal to consumers who might want a more “traditional home” They used a combination of traditional and translucent bifacial solar panels on an offset gable roof and south walls.

Team California Refract House

The Refract house was designed to take full advantage of California’s great weather. The large doors leading out to a patio area encourage outdoor living. A greywater pond nourishes the landscape.

Team Boston Curio House

The aptly named Curio House was designed to trigger curiosity about energy use in the home. It features a monitoring system that tracks energy use in real-time so that occupants can understand their energy use and make appropriate adjustments to reduce their energy bills and lower their environmental impact.

sky blue house

Great Design for a small space. Chairs hang flat when not in use.

This house from University of Kentucky features a computer monitoring system which uses weather forecasts to make decisions about  the building system’s operations.  The design “embodies Kentucky’s historic indigenous breezeway house design”    

University of Louisianna

The BeauSoleil house incorporates hurricane protection via sliding louvered shutters and structural insulated panels in the building envelope

Team Spain Home

Art meets technology…gotta love Team Spain!   Possibly the most innovative solar system, the home uses a squat glass pyramid inverted and set on a  ball and socket mechanism pivoted by a solar tracking system.         www.solardecathlon.up

There were twenty projects presented at the Decathlon so this is just a sampling of them,  but as you can see there were a variety of  architectural styles.  It is so great  for people to see and understand that really smart design can actually make a house function better, be healthier for its inhabitants and the planet,  and appeal to many different aesthetics. This was a really fantastic event and a great resource for information and inspiration!

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